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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions- Becca Wilhite

Hey Friends- It's me, Hillary

Just in case you were wondering, my blog, It's me, Hillary is up and running! http://itsmehillary.blogspot.com

This week, I bring you Becca Wilhite's "My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions, " a newly released romance by Shadow Mountain.

The story tells of self-described, plain Sarah who leaves home to head to college. Sounds pretty ordinary until you get to know Sarah. I love that she considers herself average. The thing that made this story different, was that the supporting characters didn't necessarily dispute it, but they don't come right out and tell you that. She uses experiences from the past to put that claim together.

She has a class where she meets Ben, who she literally calls "Adonis" by accident. They start to hang out for a study group, and as time progresses, his interest shows. Well, to him anyway. Sarah has a hard time understanding and believing he truly cares for her.

Sarah was so real to me. The only thing she was missing was the thin, straight hair instead of thick and curly. I had flashbacks to high school and college dating, along with the memory of emotional struggles that went along with it. Becca Wilhite put into writing what I think goes through a lot of us "ordinary" girls' heads. Can he really like me? Should I put myself out there? How bad will it hurt if he rejects me? Can I do this yet again? I thank her for writing a book that has been missing from the market. A book where the "average" girl learns that sometimes you really can have a romantic obsession, and live it too.

This is my new favorite romance for the year, and has made my top ten. The book doesn't have the "early-twenties" feel to it, where you sometimes roll your eyes with how the characters act, or the situations they are in. Sarah and her friends had a maturity that made you forget they were young. The romance was realistic, hopeful and tender. There is fabulous romantic angst, and a perfect insightful scene when you get to see through Sarah how Ben feels about their relationship. Fabulous!

A big "THANK YOU" to Shanda, who assured me that I wouldn't regret purchasing it. She was absolutely right.

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Ftc-fyi= purchased copy

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  1. I totally agree about this book! I think Becca did a wonderful job.