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Monday, May 24, 2010

LDStorymakers Conference 2010 Podcast: Part 2

LDStorymakers Conference 2010 Podcast: Part 2 with Josi Kilpack and Heather Moore is now available. Click here to listen.

Time Flies

One month ago, I was enjoying my first LDStorymakers Conference. The sights and sounds have faded a bit in memory, but I was taken back to relive the excitement and energy of the conference listening to the podcasts that will be posted today. Part 1 of the LDStorymakers Conference 2010 Podcast is available here.

The two days I spent at the conference were a much needed step "out of the norm" for me, and it's no surprise that within a few days of stepping back into my life, LIFE took over, derailing my plans to get the large amount of material we collected during those two days posted within a week. But that's okay. After a month, it's nice to revisit the whole conference experience again. Take a few minutes on this one month anniversary of the 2010 Storymakers Conference and relive it with me. It's almost like being there all over again.


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