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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Am Not a Serial Killer- Dan Wells

Hey kids, It's me Hillary. Here you go- my most comprehensive and insightful book review to date.

- me reading the first chapter

- me reading the middle

- me reading the ending. Holy Schmoly, what an ending!

In case you were wondering, I really liked this book. I would give it 4/5 stars! Fabulous freshman novel Dan! Looking forward to reading "Mr. Monster".

ps- my kind of serial killer: or better said, "cereal killer"

until next week!

FTC FYI: Borrowed from a friend.


  1. I'm excited and scared to read it!

  2. That was the best review ever!!! You need to make sure that Dan sees this. Nice job Hillary!!

  3. My "roommate" was reading this at Storymakers. She looked pretty much like you do, sitting up in bed reading all night. LOL! I've gotta check this book out!

  4. I'm sure it's obvious that I'm catching up on your blog since I'm posting my comment nearly a month after you posted your review...

    Love your review, Hill!! :) :) And tell your "cereal killer" (and the other 4) that I love them!