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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'll Know You By Heart by Kimberly Job - Countdown to Summer

18 days left until the
first day of summer!

Kimberly Job was born in Utah, the middle of three children and the only girl. She graduated with a degree in Business Management, which later proved useful as she ran a successful small business. She and her husband, Scott, have a combined family of ten children--seven boys and three girls. Kimberly loves being a mom and feels that raising exceptional children is her most valuable mission in this life. Her writing reflects the many personal experiences she has gone through and offers insight on difficult issues from a refreshing gospel perspective. In addition to writing, she is an avid reader and scrapbooker. She loves to cook, play with her children, snuggle with her husband, and will never tire of learning new things.

Visit Kimberly's website: www.kimberlyjob.com and blog: Scribbled Scraps.

LDSWBR: What activities do you and/or your family participate in every summer? Do you have plans to try something or go somewhere new this year?

KIMBERLY: This will be our first summer as a married couple and combined family, so we look forward to starting some new traditions. Our days will be filled with picnics, swimming, camping, soccer tournaments, and hopefully maybe a vacation thrown in--and chores!

LDSWBR: Do you have a favorite summer food or drink?

KIMBERLY: Bean Salsa a.k.a Cowboy Caviar made with fresh garden tomatoes. We eat it with tortilla chips, on fish, chicken, and omelettes, and even by the spoonful. It's that yummy!

LDSWBR: What books are on your summer reading list?

KIMBERLY: The Golden Spiral, Bright Blue Miracle, I am Not a Serial Killer, Mockingjay, When Panic Attacks, Imprints, Gravity vs. the Girl, the Road Show and lots more.

LDSWBR: Thank you, Kimberly!

I'll Know You By Heart by Kimberly Job (Valor Publishing; March 2010) is available for purchase from Amazon as well as Kimberly's website.

There's nothing quite like tomatoes fresh from the garden. What is your favorite way to eat fresh, homegrown tomatoes? Or are you one who doesn't care for tomatoes?

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  • The Road Show by Braden Bell
  • Awakening Avery by Laurie Lewis
  • Courting Miss Lancaster by Sarah M. Eden
  • Summer in Paris by Michele Ashman Bell
  • Hometown Girl by Michele Ashman Bell
  • Alma the Younger by Heather (H.B.) Moore
  • Queen in Exile OR The Guise of a Gentleman by Donna Hatch (winner's choice)
  • The Silence of God by Gale Sears (book or audio- winner's choice)
  • Dangerous Connections by Julie Coulter Bellon
  • Critique of three chapters (up to 30 pages) from Nichole Giles

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Please join us in counting down to summer with some great reads!


  1. I like to eat the tomatoes right off the vine

  2. There is nothing like a BLT on a hot summer day:)

  3. I, unfortunately, am one of those who do not care for tomatoes. Oddly though, I do like ketchup and spaghetti sauce.

  4. I love to sit outside or inside with a tall glass of water and a terrific book. Of course this is done at the expense of my housework, but reading is so important for the good health of one, that putting off housework is acceptable.

  5. I don't care for fresh tomatoes unless you grill them or put them in the oven and bake them. I do love sun-dried tomatoes though.

  6. Thinking of eating a tomato right now is making my mouth water. I gotta go find one.

  7. I love eating Salsa that the ingredients came mostly from the garden. Raspberries are the best also.

  8. I'm one of the ones who doesn't like tomatoes. I do love making salsa, and stewed tomatoes for spaghetti sauce though.:)

  9. Yuck! Tomatoes are NOT my thing! My husband loves them though.

  10. I don't like eating tomatoes plain. I don't mind too much if they are in a salad or on a burger.