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Friday, April 30, 2010

Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence By John M. Pontius

Surprise, surprise...today I am sharing with you about a non-fiction book. I know our "favorite Hillary" is usually the one that is well known in LDSWBR for covering these, but I do read a non-fiction book occasionally.

A few weeks ago I had a friend that let me borrow a book called Following The Light Of Christ Into His Presence by John M. Pontius. She has been aware of the many trials and struggles that I have been facing the past two years. The main reason that she wanted me to read this book, besides the obvious reasons of living in God's presence again someday, was the chapter on "Voices". In today's world there are so many voices that are speaking to us and wanting us to follow them. In the book it tells of how there are three main voices in a healthy mind.

-You hear yourself think. You talk, discuss and argue with yourself. You berate, praise and jabber with yourself all day long.

-The second voice comes from Satan's realm. When we hear a voice from this source it will be cleverly disguised and enticing. This realm plans and plots against us. These promptings will always lead us away from the truth.

-The third source of information in our minds is the voice of the Lord through the Holy Spirit. This voice always entices to do good, to believe, serve, pray and repent.

As we are going through trials in our lives, I feel that we are more vulnerable to hearing that second voice coming from Satan's minions. We also are harder on ourselves and our own thoughts can be very destructive. It is at this time, that we should be the most open to promptings from the Holy Spirit. This dear friend of mine, knew I had been struggling with self doubt and voices from the world beating me down. This book has helped me so much in remembering what is most important. I can feel the peace and comfort that only the Savior can give to me.

Let me share with you the other chapter titles:

Chapter One: Personal Revelation

Chapter Two: The Light of Christ

Chapter Three: Preparing for the Rebirth: Faith in Christ

Chapter Four: Rebirth of the Spirit

Chapter Five: Beyond the Rebirth-Making Your Calling and Election Sure

This book was originally published in hardback in 1997 and republished in paperback in 2002 by Cedar Fort Publishing. You can still purchase this book here at Amazon.com

If you would like to read an except from the book you can go here.

John M. Pontius has a wonderful website called "Follow the Light". You could spend a lot time there reading about him and what he has devoted his life to. At this site you can also see the other four books that he has written, go to his blog from there and contact information is available there. You can also connect with him on facebook.

Will I read this again? I am still reading this and I will be buying my own copy.

Would I recommend this book? Yes!

Would I read other books by John? Yes

Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence Book Description:

This book is the owner's manual we were sent to earth without. Have you ever longed for a clear, precise, unamiguous description of the way to powerful righteousness? Revealed within this book is the grand key. It is the key to receiving answers to your prayers, daily guidance, personal revelation, prophetic understanding, power in the priesthood, rebirth of the spirit, calling and election, unspeakable joy, and much more.

Publisher: Cedar Fort
Author: John M Pontius
Edition Number: 3
Language: English




No. of Pages: 254
Publish Date: 1997-01-31
Binding: Paperback


  1. Sounds like a really good book. And I totally agree when you said, "In today's
    world there are so many voices that are speaking to us and wanting us to follow them." That is soooo true.

    Thanks so much for the review!

  2. Hi Sheila! I like the concept of the three voices. I wonder if some are more susceptible to them--women possibly? Or maybe not, but it's like learning a new language, learning and identifying the source of these voices.