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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Introducing Mindy- Our New LDSWBR Blogger!

LDS Women's Book Review would like to introduce you to Mindy, the newest addition to the LDSWBR Blog. Mindy is the first person to join the LDSWBR team since the book review podcast was first founded in December 2005. The story of how I met Mindy is quite incredible.

Mindy and I have daughters in the same 6th grade class, and while arranging a get-together for a school project, I spoke with Mindy for the first time to give directions to my home. I was delighted to find that Mindy was as friendly and talkative as I am. Not surprisingly we ended up talking for an hour and a half on my daughter's cell phone. In fact, my daughter had a lot of fun teasing me that she found her mom a new BFF :).

During this first conversation, Mindy shared that one day she hoped to work at the new local library that is currently under construction. Naturally I asked if that meant she like to read, and when she answered excitedly that she did I proceeded to tell her about the LDSWBR podcast and blog.

What made meeting Mindy so incredible was where the conversation turned shortly after telling her about LDSWBR. When Mindy said, "You must know my aunt, then!" I followed with "Who's you're aunt?" I was floored when Mindy answered, "Dorothy Keddington!"

Those of you who have been with LDSWBR for a while now know that I'm a huge fan of Dorothy Keddington. I have been blessed to get to know Dorothy through her daughter-in-law who lives in my ward, so learning that Dorothy's niece lives only a few streets away as well seemed like an amazing coincidence. Except I don't really believe in coincidences.

Mindy and I spent the next few days writing longer and longer emails back and forth as we got to know each other. More than once I felt like we had known each other before this life and that we were simply getting reacquainted.

When I first started LDS Women's Book Review, I knew exactly who I wanted to ask to join me. Hillary and Sheila were, and most definitely still are, a perfect fit for what I envisioned for LDS Women's Book Review. After 4 1/2 years, all three of us are excited to welcome our first new member of LDSWBR into the group.

Mindy has happily agreed to take the empty Thursday posting spot. Mindy will share a little about herself and the books she enjoys reading in her first official post today.

Please join us in welcoming Mindy to the LDS Women's Book Review blog!

1 comment:

  1. You are so lucky to be one of Mindy's friends! She is awesome, funny, smart, talented, multi-tasking Queen!
    She will bring so much to this great blog, and I wish her much success!