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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Introducing Me: Mindy

Before I did my first review, I wanted everyone to get to know me, and the books I like. I'm a 35 year old (today is my birthday actually) mom of three girls. And wife to an incredible guy, who is such a hard worker and supports us with all he's got.

My reading style is mainly YA fiction fantasy/scifi. I also read some JF fantasy/fiction. I do branch out, and am more then willing to do so. But, as you can see from the list below, I am a sucker for series books. I love that there is more to a story. I've put together a list some of my all-time favorites.

If I were asked what my favorite of series was, it would be Twilight. It was, of course, the first, and so addictingly (I know that's not a word, but I don't care) wonderful.
My favorites are The Deathly Hallows and The Half-Blood Prince. I feel that when it comes to Harry, that no further explanation is needed :).

This series is so fun. Artemis is great character. He's a brilliant 12 year old who wants to kidnap a fairy, and gets away with it. So, at first, he's the villain. My favorite of the six books are: The Eternity Code and The Time Paradox

These books are amazing, which also happen to be my favorite movies.

When I first heard of this book, I wasn't too sure I was going to enjoy it, it sounded so violent. Even though it was (:), I loved it. It was fascinating, and such a mind-blowing story. I loved Catching Fire as well and can not wait for Mockingjay.

I am a huge Fablehaven fan. I loved this series. But, this picture is here because it was my favorite. So many surprising things happened, I think I finished with my mouth open in awe.

This book and author is very special to me. I am very honored to be Dorothy Keddington's niece. She is my wonderful "Aunt Rae". So, picking a favorite of hers is hard because they are all spectacular. But, alas, I think Shadow Song is at the top of the list.

I just read this book about a month ago, and it instantly became an all-time fav. The story is amazing, sweet, funny, and tear worthy. I won't go too much into it, because it may show up soon in more detail... hint hint

This is oldie but a goodie. I honestly haven't read it since I was young, but I loved the story. Love and life lasting forever sounded pretty good when I was waiting for those certain boys to call when I was a love-struck teen.

This is another that I have read recently, but loved instantly. It's another story like Hunger Games, not kids fighting to the death, but (what am I trying to say ?) a very different story to swallow. In the future, if a child is "unwanted" when he/she turns 13, their parents can choose to unwind them. But, it doesn't work out the way the creators wanted it to. Gripping story.

I have read everything from this gal, Jessica, and this is my favorite.

As with above, I have read all of Shannon's as well. I love this whole series. Goose Girl and River Secrets are my favorites.

The Maze Runner is another that got me right at the start. I couldn't stop until I knew what was going to happen.

Here's a little taste of the books I love and read. It's funny, when I finished Harry, I thought I would never find anything else to read that I would enjoy as much. When my sister told me about Twilight, I thought the same thing. But, thankfully, I got brave and realized there are numerous amounts of very enjoyable books out there. I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity. When I finish a great book, I want to shout it from the roof tops, and now I get that chance!


  1. Happy birthday! It is my daughter's and father's birthday today as well.

  2. Oh Mindy! We are going to get along so well! We love the same books!! How cool is that! Happy Birthday to a fellow Aries.

  3. You are awesome Mindy! I'm so glad you have this opportunity.

  4. I am excited to see what happens next and to be introduced to many of these series that I've yet to read. Happy birthday!

  5. Awesome- so exciting for you!! Maybe I will branch out myself and read some of these books- good job:)

  6. Woot Woot Mindy!!! I'm envious of this new adventure your on!
    I know that LDSWBR will be greatly enhanced by adding you to their review group!
    Can't wait to start reading them!!!
    BTW your picture is fantastic!
    Best wishes,
    Amber T.

  7. You are awesome Mindy!!! I will have to bookmark this page because it has such a great list of books! I have loved almost every book you have ever told me to read, and i am a fantasy "hater" of sorts so that is saying a lot!!!!