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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Means Justify The End"

Hello Friends!

I decided for my book review today, I would review the book "Means Justify The End", a book that was sent to us from the author, Rick Avery. I reviewed it briefly on one of our podcasts, but it was near the end, and I don't feel like I did it justice:) So here you go!

Rick's book is in first person and is written about his life experiences, growing up in a family which made sure that he learned about God and believed in Him. He writes interesting life stories and thoughts about his childhood regarding the concept if the means justify the end. His point is how by having the right attitude he made his life better, and by having the wrong one, his life was more challenging.

One of the saddest, yet poignant chapters I liked was about how his sister married this guy, who was perhaps not the best choice for her. They decided to take her little brothers camping. The boys, including Rick, were under 9 years old. They found a place to camp, left Bonnie, his sister there to hold the spot, then try to drive around to get a good place to park the car. Unfortunately, the brother in law didn't have the greatest amount of common sense, or sense fo direction and basically killed the car in the wrong area. By this time it had gotten dark. They started on foot to find Bonnie, carrying their sleeping bags. The brother-in-law got angry and would swear at them with them for keeping a slow pace (hello! they were little!!) until finally the boys decided to say a prayer to ask for help. Sure enough, along came a police officer who had been looking for them because Bonnie had flagged him down to ask for help. Rick learned an important lesson "My mom taught us all to pray, and I thank my Father in Heaven for a mom like mine. I find it interesting that [brother-in-law] Jack used the Lord's name in vain , and all it did was make things worse. We called upon the Lord in praise, and it made everything right". Interestingly enough, Bonnie divorced him and married a good man.

I liked this and quite a few other stories he tells in his book. I think it is a good, quick to read book that both men and women would enjoy reading. It also gives a good message and gives you things to think about. It is easy to find online and would be worth the read!

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