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Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Trailers - It's a Love/Hate Thing

I have a
love/hate relationship with book trailers.

I think the concept is great and I'm all for it. By all means, sell me on why I should read your book. Just make sure that if your viewers are laughing, it's because your book is a comedy.

I've seen a number of book trailers, most of which are
mainly "okay." I saw one that was so cheesy there were mice coming from my neighbors' homes looking for dinner. Tonight I saw one that was just right.

I haven't read the book yet, so I don't even know if it's my "thing" or not. I haven't personally met the author, but Sheila has, and from what I know about
Rebecca Talley from Sheila, I respect her. And I really like her trailer for Altared Plans.

I don't know how the whole make-a-trailer-for-your-book process goes. Does the author have any say or is it all up to the publisher? In any case, if you're going to consider a book trailer for your book,
please, I BEG YOU, take care.

I don't mind having a face assigned to the character for me rather than using my imagination. I prefer photos and words in a simple yet classy interaction moving across the screen, but live action scenes are okay, too, if they're well directed.
Beware with dialogue. Keep it brief. Show the interaction between characters, but please don't try to recreate entire scenes.

I'd really like to read your book, but if all I can see is that campy re-enactment every time I encounter the cover of your book, I'll never be able to seriously consider it.