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Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Clean Romances

With it being Valentines weekend, I wanted to post something having to do with romance. Since I have no romance in my life right now, I can always find romance in a good book. If you are wondering where to find some good clean romances, I want to share a resource with you.

On Goodreads.com, one of my favorite authors, Joyce DiPastena, is the moderator of a group called, "Clean Romances". Here is the reason they give for having this group:

"This group is dedicated to building a up a list of clean romance books. Not "Christian" or "Inspirational" (there are other groups for those), but good old fashioned love stories, without the sex scenes. They're hard to find these days, but not impossible. If you have written such a romance, or have read romances that fall within this category, past or present, you are invited to join this group. Please feel free to add your favorite "clean romances" to our group bookshelf, so that all interested readers may benefit from authors they may be unfamiliar with!"

I am a member of this group and I have found many good book suggestions here. Anyone can join this group and it is free.

Joyce found a quote that defines the group she said, "I just found the perfect quote for our Clean Romance Group! Of course, the fact that it's from a medieval poet in no way prejudiced me to choose it. ;-) "

"Through their kisses and caresses they experienced a joy and wonder the equal of which has never been known or heard of. But I shall be silent...; for the rarest and most delectable pleasures are those which are hinted at, but never told." Chr├ętien de Troyes

Other things I love about this site is there are lists for.....
-Suggestions for good Young Adult Books
-Review Sites for Clean Romances
-All Time Favorite Clean Romances
-List of Clean Romances on Goodreads.com

So, if you are interested in reading some clean romances and are a member of goodreads.com, come join the group. We are 241 strong at this point.

Enjoy your Valentines weekend; even if it means spending it with a good clean romance.


  1. Thank you so much for the plug, Sheila! What a wonderful Valentine surprise! :-)

  2. You are so welcome Joyce! I really hope that more people will join the group. Like I said in the post, it is such an excellent resource!!