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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hey Kids!

Sorry I didn't get this up last week. As Shanda said, it was a nutsy week for the three of us. So, today I am going to chat with you about "Crossfire", Traci Hunter Abramson's new book.

I found out a a year or two back when we read "Undercurrents." After reading it I found that I really enjoyed Traci's style of writing, quality and likeability of the characters, and plus I have a crazy fascination with the secret service. I think it's cause it's a secret. What made her writing even more intriguing was the fact that she worked for the secret service, and because it's a secret. again:) It also didn't hurt that she threw in a group of Navy SEALS, which in my head and in her writing, are quite good looking. (What is it about a guy in uniform?)

Speaking of our hubba hubba SEALS, this one happens to be about Seth. If you've read "Lockdown" or "Freefall" you will know the stories of a couple of the "Saint Squad." Crossfire takes place in the Caribbean (I like to say it CaribBEan- how do you say it?) and it involves Vanessa Lauton, a CIA agent deep undercover with a powerful and dangerous crime family. She gets a bit of a surprise when her long ago love (Seth) resurfaces after a six year hiatus to help get her out of the country when things get a bit dangerous. Instead of a quick pull-out, they get pulled in deeper and as a result a whole lot of action and suspense ensues.

I love that the book is fast paces, action packed and has the romance. It has been a lot of fun reading the love stories of the "Saint Squad." I love how though the places and the circumstances are unlikely, Traci is successful in making the stories believeable, and entertaining all at once. I love the close calls the characters get into, and the quick thinking and intelligence that they all possess. I especially love that none of the main female characters are weak. They have weaknesses, just like anyone else, but they themselves are not weak. They keep up with the men and refuse to be left to be behind waiting to see what happens. LOVE THAT!

My favorite part of the book is that Vanessa had learned how to fly planes, just not land them. Can't help being reminded of one of my favorite action heroes, good ol' Indiana Jones.(If you remember "The Last Crusade"- one of my favorite movies of all time) As they are riding off into the sunset...

"I like being Indiana" (he says to his father)

"We named the dog Indiana" (father says)

"I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog" (Indiana says)

okay- enough of a tangent. If I were to give this book a down side, it would be that in some situations, the realistic factor does tread close to "would that really happen", but like I said, the way she writes it, even if I'm thinking that, I am quickly seeing the next turn. Overall, Traci hits another one out of the park with this book. I highly recommend it!

ftc-fyi- publisher produced copy

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