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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Catching Fire

Hello dear ones-

It's your favorite Wednesday blogger here. Today, we'll chat a bit about "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins, book two of "The Hunger Games" series.

After our last podcast (this past Friday), we had a bit of a discussion of "Catching Fire" and what we thought of it. I had just finished it, so we had some stuff to say about it:

Here's what Shanda said:

"I think Peeta is hotter in the second book"


"Katniss's hair is boring in the second"


"Literarily speaking I would say that Suzanne achieved the climax of the series (so far) in book one and book two takes an unreasonable amount of time for it to reach interest for the reader"

Okay. So it didn't really go that way at all.

So what really happened was more like this:


"I liked book two even more than book one"

to which Sheila and I stared at her for a second and said, "really?"

Shanda, you'll have to post here what it is you liked more about book two more than one, because quite frankly I didn't go to bed until 4am, so I don't have a clear recollection of that night.

Sheila and I both agreed that book two started out really slow, and seemed really predictable. Now, remember slow is not always bad, it's just slow. Predictable is bad, which is why I actually did put it down for about two weeks until my husband finished it and said,

"Cinna has really cute costumes in this book, I think you'll like it."

Okay. That's not what he said. He said, "I think you should finish it. It has a totally surprising ending." I said " well, okay." He wanted me to add that there are little details that if you catch give you clues as what's to come, but frankly sometimes I am a bit too impatient for little details.

And about two hours later, I had the book finished. I stopped at chapter 14, ironically about the time when it really picks up, and as my hubby was grumpily doing our taxes, I was done.

I actually am not going to say much more about "Catching Fire" because I think it would give too much away, I will just say this. If you really, really really liked book one, be patient and don't give up on book two because there are some HUGE surprises and it REALLY makes book three look appealing and I can't wait for it!


  1. LOL- funny post, Hill :).

    I seem to recall a certain someone (you- wink wink) agreeing with me that the second book was almost, if not just as good as the first.

    And now that you mention it, maybe Peeta was a bit hotter in Catching Fire....

  2. I agree that Peeta was hotter in the second one! LOL! I thought our "conversation" was very funny. Good post my friend!

  3. I definitely liked book one better because it had that "wow" factor. Book two was great, but felt like an "in-betweener" story.