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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two More Ways to Enter the Countdown to Christmas 2009 Contest

More Ways to Enter!

Have you seen the awesome list of books available as prizes for the Countdown to Christmas 2009 Contest?

Have you already picked out what you're going to use the $25 eGift Card on at Deseret Book if you're the lucky winner?

Did you know that you can go back at any time within the contest period and add your comments to past Countdown to Christmas 2009 author posts?

Want to find out how you can get two more entries into the drawing?

Good for you! Here's how:

1) Send an email to every friend & family member you can think of, tell them about the Countdown to Christmas 2009 contest and include a link to the LDSWBR Blog. Then email us at ldswbr at gmail dot com and tell us how many people you emailed about the contest. Bingo- extra entry #1!

2) If you blog, write and publish a post about the Countdown to Christmas 2009 Event & Contest and include a link to our blog in the post, directing the readers of your blog to the contest. Then, comment in the section below with a link to your blog post, or email the link to your blog post to ldswbr at gmail dot com and YIPPEE- extra entry #2!

Just so you know: It's occurred to us that our readers & listeners may not be aware that LDS Women's Book Review is not affiliated with or compensated by any publishing house, company, or author. With the exception of the occasional free book sent for our review from any number of authors and publishers, large and small, we do not get anything but satisfaction out of recording the podcast and reviewing the books we read. The $25 eGift Card offered in this contest comes from our own personal funds because it's fun :). And we really like talking about books with people who really like books. Merry Christmas and good luck in the contest!

Shanda, Sheila & Hillary :)


  1. I've blogged about your contest both on my own JDP NEWS blog at http://jdp-news.blogspot.com/2009/12/great-contest-in-process-on-ldswbr-blog.html and on The Sweetest Romance Blog at http://thesweetestromanceauthors.blogspot.com/2009/12/interview-with-joyce-dipastena-at.html. I also sent out an email about the contest to the ANWA Bulletin list today. I don't have a number, aside from the fact that it should have reached everyone in ANWA. :-)