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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

True Miracles With Genealogy by Anne Bradshaw - Countdown to Christmas 2010

10 days until Christmas!

Although born in Wales, Anne Bradshaw grew up in England and now lives in the USA. When not glued to the chair typing, she is reading, walking, pottering in the garden, or enjoying photography. She happy-danced when a feature screenplay (The Ardanea Pendant) she co-authored won first place (fantasy/sci-fi genre) in a recent International Family Film Festival. True Miracles with Genealogy is Anne's sixth published book. It is also available as an eBook for all electronic readers. DINGO, Anne's new teen mystery/suspense is currently selling as an eBook. The print version of DINGO is available at Amazon.com, and in stores such as Barnes & Noble, and Borders.

You can visit Anne on her website, blog, on Facebook and Twitter @AnneBradshaw.

LDSWBR: What author/book had the most impact on you this year?

ANNE: I've read many superb books this year, but the one that stands out in my mind above the others is The Road Show by a new author, Braden Bell. It's such an honest, refreshing, and tender portrayal of the way so many of us live, that I came away feeling as though the characters were my friends who had taught me well.

LDSWBR: What books are you giving/asking for this Christmas?

ANNE: I'm asking for the series by Chris Stewart titled The Great and the Terrible. I've heard excellent comments about these books.

LDSWBR: If you could only participate in one Holiday activity or tradition this year, what would it be?

ANNE: Sitting around a real fire with my family, reading the story in the Bible that tells of the Savior's birth.

LDSWBR: Eggnog or warm apple cider?

ANNE: Warm apple cider spiced with cinnamon!

LDSWBR: Thank you, Anne. Have a wonderful Christmas!

True Miracles With Genealogy by Anne Bradshaw is available in many LDS bookstores and from Amazon in paperback, ebook/Kindle, and CreateSpace. Also available from Barnes & Noble in paperback and ebook/Nook. European readers can go to UK Amazon for the paperback and ebook editions. Watch the trailer for True Miracles With Genealogy here.

Dingo by Anne Bradshaw is available at Amazon in paperback and ebook/Kindle. Also available at Barnes & Noble in paperback and ebook/Nook. Watch the trailer for Dingo here.

Do you have an indoor fireplace? If so, is it a gas or wood-burning fireplace? Do you use it often during the winter?

Find more gift ideas for the readers in your life in the sidebar of the blog under "More Great Books by LDS Authors."

***Countdown to Christmas 2010 Contest***

LDSWBR will hold a drawing on December 26, 2010 for a $50 Amazon Gift Card, as well as a variety of books being offered by some great LDS authors.

Book prizes generously donated by the authors:

  • Oh, Say Can You See? by Laurie (LC) Lewis
  • Backlash by Traci Hunter Abramson
  • Alma the Younger by Heather (HB) Moore
  • True Miracles with Genealogy by Anne Bradshaw
  • Dingo by Anne Bradshaw
  • Second Kiss by Natalie Palmer
  • Cross My Heart by Julie Wright
  • Cold As Ice by Stephanie Black
  • Meg's Melody by Kaylee Baldwin
  • Save the Child by Margaret Turley
  • Anasazi Intrigue (ebook) by Linda Weaver Clarke
  • Mayan Intrigue (ebook) by Linda Weaver Clarke
  • The Star Prophecy by Joan Sowards (and Walnut Springs Press)
  • A cute, handmade apron by Joan Sowards

How to enter:

  • Post a thoughtful comment on the Countdown to Christmas 2010 posts. Comments can be added on any of the countdown posts at anytime during the contest period (December 1, 2010 through December 25, 2010). Only one comment per person per "Countdown to Christmas" post will be entered into the drawing. Feel free to comment more than once per post if you'd like, but only one comment will be accepted as an entry.
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Here are the rules:
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  • LDSWBR reserves the right to decide what determines a "thoughtful" comment.
  • Physical book prizes can only be shipped within the contiguous United States.
  • Authors taking part in the countdown are eligible to participate in the contest.
  • The drawing held on December 26, 2010 will be a raffle-type drawing. All entries will be combined and names drawn for the prizes.

Please join us in counting down to Christmas with some great reads!


  1. I don't have a fire place in my house. I love sitting next to a fire place at others houses they are so warm and Cozy.

  2. We don't have a fireplace, they scare me with my very curious children! And after watching "Mythbusters" last night, I'm glad we don't, since it actually makes the rest of your house colder!

  3. What a great list of books to read! Nothing better in the winter than to cuddle up in a warm blanket and read a good book.

  4. I have a ventless gas fireplace, but we've never been able to afford to purchase the "Logs" for it:-( I tried putting a lot of candles in it, for the effect - but it produced so much smoke, that the smoke alarm went off!


  5. We have a gas fireplace. We had a wood fireplace until the kids all left home and then converted to gas and it is great. Love to sit by the fire.

  6. When my children were small, we had a wood-burning fireplace. We would sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate. This time of year, we'd talk about the true meaning of Christmas

  7. My favorite memory of Christmas was when I was 6 years old. We went to my grandparents for Christmas and were thrilled that they had a fireplace! We had never lived in a home with a fireplace!! Santa always had to come through the door and now this year he was coming down the chimney. When we awoke Christmas morning we discovered that not only had Santa come down the chimney but he had ripped his pants on the log ( there was red fabric stuck to the log) and left sooty footprints on the floor! I will never forget that Christmas morning and have shared the story with my children. They look for evidence of Santa coming down our chimney every year.

  8. We do not have a fireplace. The family history book sounds really neat. I was teaching a class on family history and would love to see what insights this book has.

  9. We have a soapstone stove. It has been our source of heat for 29 years. Love it. It is warm and has glass doors or a screen for the ambience of a fireplace. Santa would not use this chimney, but we left the door open for him. ; )

  10. We live in Arizona where it's hot, yet we love using our wood-burning fireplace in the Fall and Winter. In the homes we've purchased, it's always one of the first things I look for. Most of all, I love the warm and cozy memories we make while the fire is burning. I think back to all the times (since my children were babies) that we created beautiful memories with music and fragrant candles burning along with the fire. Oh the sights and smells of the holidays! Our children are grown and have moved away, yet a lighting a fire will be one of the first things we do, this Christmas and always.

  11. We do not have a fireplace in our current home. However, my parents have one in their home where I grew up. I would stand in front of it in the early morning chill to warm up before heading out to school. I love to curl up in front of a fireplace and watch the flames. My parents also have a wood burning stove in their unfinished basement, and my friends and I would sleep downstairs, during sleep overs. I always felt safe and comfortable hearing my dad come down to add some more wood, so we would stay warm during the night. Neither one is used anymore, but the memories are still there whenever I visit my parents.

  12. I have attended a few book conferences with some of these authors. They are all wonderful influences. I have a gas fireplace, and use it everyday. I grew up in a home with a wood burning fireplace and loved the smell that came from the burning wood. It was a lot of work to chop wood and keep it clean though. There is a trade off, but both are lovely.