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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meg's Melody by Kaylee Baldwin - Countdown to Christmas 2010

16 days until Christmas!

Kaylee Baldwin is a debut author. Her book, Meg's Melody, comes out this month. The following is a description of Meg's Melody: "It's only after her husband leaves that Meg finds out she's pregnant. Now facing the prospect of single parenthood, she'll have to rely on the family she pushed away, the church she abandoned, and an unexpected friendship to see her through. This touching story combines romance with real conflicts to remind you it's never too late to find love - if you know where to look."

Visit Kaylee on her blog and on Facebook.

LDSWBR: What author/book had the most impact on you this year?

KAYLEE: One of the best fiction books I read this year was The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. The book that started me on my love of reading was The Secret Garden when I was in 3rd grade, and this is a book with very similar themes, only for adults. Very well written. I recommend to everyone whenever they ask me for something good to read.

Non-fiction would be Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I really want to be completely debt-free, and he gives some great keys to help get me there.

LDSWBR: What books are you giving/asking for this Christmas?

KAYLEE: I really want to read Backlash by Tracy Hunter Abramson, Luck of the Draw by Rachael Ranee Anderson, Falling Home by Karen White, To the Rescue, the biography of Pres. Monson. Since my mom and I read the same books, we'll probably end up getting them for each other.

LDSWBR: If you could only participate in one Holiday activity or tradition this year, what would it be?

KAYLEE: My family wearing matching PJs on Christmas morning.

LDSWBR: Is it eggnog or warm apple cider for you, Kaylee?

KAYLEE: Eggnog, of course.

LDSWBR: Thank you for being a part of our Countdown to Christmas. Best of luck to you with your new book!

Meg's Melody by Kaylee Baldwin (Cedar Fort; Dec 2010) is available for purchase at Amazon.

Is there someone in your life, like Kaylee's mom, who loves reading as much as you do? Do you like the same books or are your tastes quite different?

Find more gift ideas for the readers in your life in the sidebar of the blog under "More Great Books by LDS Authors."

***Countdown to Christmas 2010 Contest***

LDSWBR will hold a drawing on December 26, 2010 for a $50 Amazon Gift Card, as well as a variety of books being offered by some great LDS authors.

Book prizes generously donated by the authors:

  • Oh, Say Can You See? by Laurie (LC) Lewis
  • Backlash by Traci Hunter Abramson
  • Alma the Younger by Heather (HB) Moore
  • True Miracles with Genealogy by Anne Bradshaw
  • Dingo by Anne Bradshaw
  • Second Kiss by Natalie Palmer
  • Cross My Heart by Julie Wright
  • Cold As Ice by Stephanie Black
  • Meg's Melody by Kaylee Baldwin
  • Save the Child by Margaret Turley
  • Anasazi Intrigue (ebook) by Linda Weaver Clarke
  • Mayan Intrigue (ebook) by Linda Weaver Clarke
  • The Star Prophecy by Joan Sowards (and Walnut Springs Press)
  • A cute, handmade apron by Joan Sowards

How to enter:

  • Post a thoughtful comment on the Countdown to Christmas 2010 posts. Comments can be added on any of the countdown posts at anytime during the contest period (December 1, 2010 through December 25, 2010). Only one comment per person per "Countdown to Christmas" post will be entered into the drawing. Feel free to comment more than once per post if you'd like, but only one comment will be accepted as an entry.
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Here are the rules:
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  • LDSWBR reserves the right to decide what determines a "thoughtful" comment.
  • Physical book prizes can only be shipped within the contiguous United States.
  • Authors taking part in the countdown are eligible to participate in the contest.
  • The drawing held on December 26, 2010 will be a raffle-type drawing. All entries will be combined and names drawn for the prizes.

Please join us in counting down to Christmas with some great reads!


  1. My 2 sisters and I are all avid readers. We tend to like the same books as well. This books sounds really good. This is the first I've heard about it! :)

  2. My sisters and I all love to read. The books we choose are completely different.

  3. I have a friend that I have know for like 10 years and we love to read the same books and to compare notes - we love church books and uplifting books- we love self- help books- its fun to get motivated every once in a while!!

  4. I love to read, my daughters and best friend all read fiction. I would especially love a copy of Meg's Melody.

  5. I just discovered my love for reading a few years ago after I had my third child and needed to find something that I could do for myself. I read my own "signed by the author" copy of Meg's Melody in 3 days. I loved it. I want to read it again. It speaks of healing and love and children. It's about everything that I love. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

  6. I'm posting a review of Meg's Melody and author interview on Margaret's Blog (http://margaretlarsen.wordpress.com) today. The teasers available on Amazon have my mouth watering for more.
    Margaret Larsen Turley

  7. All the girls in my family love to read as much as I do! Some of them like different books, but we all love our LDS authors!

  8. My son loves to read as much as I do. Our tastes are totally different. He loves science fiction.

  9. I knew Kaylee in college and she is such an amazing woman! I can't wait to read her book!

  10. This book sounds really good-I can't wait to read it! My Mom and I like to read a lot of the same books now. We joke that we have our own book club going even though she passes most of her books on to me. I am a teacher and often pass along good children's fiction and young adult fiction to her.