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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hillary's Top Ten List for 2010

Hello Dear Friends!

Wow, this was a tough order! How to choose JUST ten. I surprised myself when I put this list together, because I only have one non-fiction book on here. Just one!

In no particular order:

In Trying Times, Keep Trying- Merrilee Boyack

It was such a great reminder of how life throws curves at us, and it is up to each of us to remember that the trials are for our own good, and that we need to lean on Christ to get through it all.

My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions- Becca Wilhite

Not only does this make my top ten list, but it makes my "Favorite's of All Time" List. There was just so much I liked about this book. Sarah was so real. I really empathized with her throughout the book. The romance was just fantastic. My favorite written scene of all time is when they are just outside the library, she can see him, but he can't see her. Perfectly written. Really looking forward to anything else Becca writes!

Devil's Food- Josi Kilpack

I can't get enough of Sadie Hoffmiller. I really liked this one because she met a new love interest that made her even more interesting. The story was fun, fast moving and intriguing. I even made "Evil Chicken" from the book and the hot wings. Both very yummy recipes!

Blink of an Eye- Gregg Luke

This one was sooo fantastic. We recently posted a group review, and he received very favorable reviews. It was so unique. Again! I think that would have to be my word to describe Gregg's work! Unique. Each of his books has an angle that I've never read. Whether it be experimenting on people or getting lost in the jungle with potential Nephite descendants, no matter what I am never bored reading his books!

Crossfire- Tracy Hunter Abramson

Tracy does it again with "Crossfire", a awesome addition to the "Saint Squad". It is just a fantastic read and the love story is perfect- not too much lip locking, not too little. Oh, and a little thing called SERIOUS ACTION thrown in there.

I am not a Serial Killer- Dan Wells

Terrifyingly fabulous. All we are saying is give Dan a chance. Hum it with me...

Courting Miss Lancaster- Sarah M. Eden

Speaking of making "Favorites of All Time" list, this one nabbed a spot as well. I actually bought both this and "My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions" on the same day. What a great day! I enjoyed "Seeking Persephone" so I was sooo excited when I found out that Sarah had written a story about Harry! He is just so darn likeable! Even if you don't like regency style reading, I think if you enjoy a good romance, you'll like this one!

Backlash- Tracy Hunter Abramson

I was so happy when I was able to read this one. It was such a different take from the other books. Instead of a traditional romance, this one to me tells more of the "after" of the "happily ever after" marriage scenario. Though Marilyn, Kel's wife, is mentioned briefly in the other books, we don't really get to know her, kind of like how the others in the book feel. I really liked this new take. I thought it was very well done. Very real, and somehow still action packed! How do you do it Tracy?

The Hunger Games 1 and 3- Suzanne Collins

I just couldn't add book two. Other than the last two pages. Sorry. I read Mockingjay not long after it came out and was so happy (though somewhat disturbed) with how it all concluded. The story is just so compelling, I don't know how anyone could not enjoy these books. I'm looking forward to seeing the movies! I wonder who will play Katniss...?

Well, that's all folks! With this new location in good old Mizzura, Misery, or Missouri (whichever you prefer, and for me- depends on the day :) ). I will be posting once month, probably somewhere in the middle. Regrettably, I just don't have the access to LDS fiction like I did in Utah. Well, that and I figured you wouldn't want me to review the anti-mormon literature which is far easier to access at the public library than I thought. I was pleased to see Lisa Mangum's books, Brandon Sanderson and some Obert Skye here though. I might even have to read a bit more of the YA/ Fantasy category :)

Later Gators!

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