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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Mark - M.R. Bunderson

The Mark

M.R. Bunderson

Published by: Cedar Fort/CFI

Published Date: 2010

Softcover: 278 pages

FTC - I borrowed from the library

"I'm not sure you understand the importance of this decision. The very existence of our people and our way of life stand in the balance." Marco spoke quietly, but there was no mistaking the passion behind his words." (page 1)
Tori is a senior in high school. She's a good student, plays piano, never gets in trouble, and has great friends... she's every parent's dream. In class one day she is chatting with her best friend Shae, they are studying the birthmark on Tori's hand. Tori realizes it's not just an ordinary mark. But, Shae doesn't see what she can. Tori dismisses it, and they start going over their double date plans for that evening. Tori is hesitant about the date, but Shae promises that Jon's best friend, Eric, is worth it. Eric and Tori meet and are instantly connected, in more ways then one. Their connection is based their link to an ancient society. The rest of the book is about how they find and avoid some more of their "people". Along the way they realize they have gifts that could be beneficial, but also harmful to each other.
Although, I enjoyed the idea of the story, I had a hard time with the dialogue at first. It was sometimes cheesy and a little corny. But, I over looked it because the story itself has promise.

3 stars

If there was a sequel I would read it.

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