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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fallen - Lauren Kate


Author - Lauren Kate

Publisher - Delacorte Press

Published - December 2009

IBSN13 - 9780385738934

Hardcover - 452 pages

ftc fyi - Borrowed from the library

This was one of those books that caught my eye with the cover. I'd seen it around for a few months and wondered what the story was about, and I was always thinking that I needed to read it. Then, a couple weeks ago, my friend called raving about this book she finished in one day, she knew I would like it too.

"Fallen" is a book about mystery, questions, and figuring out the past. Lucinda Price is sent to Sword and Cross because she is thought of as a menace, someone who is possibly dangerous. Something happened in her past that even she can't remember all the details about. In Sword and Cross the reds (cameras) follow you everywhere and you can't even have your cell phone. Luce meets some bizarre kids on her first day. Many she's not sure she can trust, but hopes that she can. Yet, the first time she sees Daniel Grigori, there is a hint of recognition there she can not place and things about him she can't ignore.
I liked most the mystery of it all. Not the mystery of crime solving :), just the figuring everyone out and their intentions toward Luce. Luce is pursued by Cam, a repeat at Sword and Cross. He brings her in and shows her the ropes. Arriane, and Penn are friendly too. They are always trying to get her away from Cam, but why? But, Cam wants her away from Daniel... What will she do and who will she choose? Luce does have some secrets of her own. As she is tries to figure out her surroundings, the past, what happened and why it happened on the night that changed her life forever, she could even be in danger.

I really enjoyed this book. It is a darker story, but I was fascinated by all the characters. Some were spookier then others, and a few have wild secrets of their own. I mostly enjoyed Daniel, figuring him out, and why he did what he did, and why all out avoids anything to do with Luce at first. As I was reading, I felt on edge, with butterflies in my stomach wondering what would happen next. (but all in a good way)
The sequel "Torment" comes out September 28, and I will read that.

4 stars

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