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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Santa Maybe

Hello friends!

Hillary here-

For this week, I'll be chatting about "Santa Maybe", Aubrey Mace's newest release. Again, because of lame library due dates, I had to return it, so, humor me a bit here.

Well, this book was nothing at all what I was expecting. Aubrey tells a story of a single, I think over 30 year old woman, who has had her heart broken many times and basically resigns herself to spinsterhood. Abbie is a baker and owns a cute little bakery in the city which she lives. Her family is very supportive if not a bit nosy, but not in the annoying, I-can't-stand-your-mom-in-law kind of way, just in the I-care-a-lot-about-you-so-I'm-checking-up-on-you way.

So, it's Christmas time, and Abbie's sister, Grace, convinces Abbie, (albeit Abbie does not tell her until after the fact) to write to Santa and ask for a husband. Sure enough, Christmas morning, she has a man in her living room in his jammies, ready to chat it up with her.

Overall, I thought the book was light-hearted, unexpected, and an overall fun read. Abbie is a very likeable main character who you can't help rooting for, and Ben is an adorable, quick-witted man who I would totally have a crush on if he was real. Lucky for me, he already shares alot of Ben's qualities. So as far as characters go, they are well done and real. Very engaging.

Now for the story itself- I like it. The only complaint I have is just how quick Abbie was to accept Ben's answer of where he came from. She had a problem with the lie, but no issue with the "real" reason of where he came from. I too have really big problems with lies, and normally my reaction would be similar to Abbie's, but HELLO- THE NORTH POLE, threw a little bit of a kink in there for me. I did have to remind myself, that this is a book and therefore, anything the author throws in there is fine, because after all, it's her book. It just came out of nowhere. I guess I needed evidence of a little more magic in there to make the little surprise Ben gives her a little more believeable.

So for me, I would totally read it again. The characters were adorable, and the storyline very good. For a romance, not a "maybe" but a great choice. (C'mon, you know that was funny- well, almost...)

ta-ta for now my online friends! Until next week!


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