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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'll know you by heart

Hello dear friends- Hillary here-

Today my post may have more serious overtures as I read a more seriously overtured book this week:) If you haven't read "I'll know you by Heart", you really should take some time out and read it.

I was fortunate enough to be at the Valor Publishing debut a few weeks ago, and was able to meet and chat a bit with Kimberly Job, the author (you can soon, if not already, listen to our podcast interviews with the authors there). At any rate, I spoke with Kimberly and I opted to buy her book because a) I like romances and b) I hadn't read anything from her and was curious about the book.

If you have ever read anything by Tristi Pinkston, you will recognize her hand in editing this book because it begins with an INTENSE and dramatic gut-wrenching first chapter and doesn't really slow down. Kimberly took a very tender, terrible subject- one that I think instills anger, frustration and maybe even a bit of fear in every woman- that being the subject of abuse. Though I've never being the victim of any type of abuse, physical or verbal,I was so drawn in to Stephanie, the main character, that I felt like I was her, experiencing that type of violence first hand and whenever I put the book down (which wasn't often) I had to basically put myself back in reality and remember that my husband isn't an abuser.

The story tells of Stephanie, a 40 something semi-overweight housewife, married to Mark, a physically abusive (when it suits him, which is frequent) husband. After she endures a particularly violent beating that her oldest son, Tyson unfortunatley becomes a part of, Stephanie decides late into the night to pack up her 3 children and leave him. What follows is a tale of pain, anger, growth and love. The love in this book tales of the loss of love, almost a mourning, and the newness of a new love and what it is supposed to feel like.

The love story I liked because it felt very realistic. She wasn't this perfect woman. She was insecure, scared and dependant upon others to help her. With the help of her extended family, the church and Heavenly Father, she was able to slowly get over her husband, and make room for love worthy of her. The only part that didn't feel totally authentic to me was how she felt her heart had known Jared (the new interest) all along. I guess that seemed a bit fairy tale to me, but then again, a little fairy tale never hurt anyone either, and it wasn't constantly mentioned or over done, so overall, not a bad thing.

I would have to say that I made a good purchase. The story is unique and authentic. It has a way of drawing you in and making you forget that it is a story. Though it is her freshman novel, I would say that Kimberly does a fabulous job!

FTC-FYI- purchased


  1. That was a great chapter, wasn't it? I edited it, but it was definitely Kim!

  2. Thanks for the review, Hillary. It was so fun to meet you at the book launch.

    You three ladies are amazing!!

  3. This book has a powerful message and Kim handled the topic beautifully!