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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saving Madeline by Rachel Ann Nunes

During the "Recent Reads" section of LDSWBR Podcast Episode #36, I shared a review of Rachel Ann Nunes' latest novel, Saving Madeline, due to be released mid-September. If you don't currently have plans to visit a book store before the end of September I highly suggest you make some plans and add Saving Madeline to the top of your list. Rachel addresses a tough issue that most people aren't fully aware of- or at least I wasn't until reading her book.

Parker has a tough decision to make: continue
to allow his daughter, Madeline, to remain with her drug-using mother or do something to protect her from Dakota's negligence. Parker makes his decision and must face the consequences of his actions, unless proof of Dakota's drug abuse & negligence can be found. Caitlin McLoughlin has become tired of defending petty criminals she knows are guilty, but the rare opportunities of helping someone who is truly innocent keep her from leaving her job. That, and her obligation to her special-needs sister, Amy. When she considers taking Parker's case as a favor to a friend, Caitlin quickly learns that while he is technically guilty of the crimes he is accused of, the reasons behind it are valid- if only they could find the evidence they're looking for. Caitlin begins to love little Madeline, and her feelings for Parker start to grow as well.

Rachel has done an excellent job of writing about difficult choices,
troubled circumstances, and situations that blur the line between the black & white of the law. The chemistry between Caitlin and Parker is touching and romantic. Rachel has written believable, endearing characters- not just the hero & heroine, but minor characters as well- who are comfortable and natural within the setting of the story.

Saving Madeline gets 5 stars and a Whitney nomination from me. Well done, Rachel!


  1. Saving Madeline sounds like a great book. Thank you for the review and give away!

  2. I got the chance to read Saving Madeline over the weekend. I have to agree with you. I hope Rachel wins the Whitney. It was extremely well-done.

  3. Sounds like a great book. Will I need a box of tissues?