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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Episode #36 with Josi Kilpack & Michele Paige Holmes Released!

Sheila, Hillary & I were thrilled to have authors Josi Kilpack & Michele Paige Holmes join us once again on the podcast! These beautiful and talented ladies are always fun to talk with and Episode 36 was no exception.

Josi's latest novel, English Trifle, is the sequel to her very successful book, Lemon Tart. During the podcast, Josi spoke about the next book in her culinary mystery series, Devil's Food Cake, as well as giving us a glimpse into the future of the series. Josi's writing style for her mysteries is fun and unique- she let us know that even she doesn't know the culprit until she writes the end- and if the story keeps the author guessing until the end, it's definitely going to keep the reader guessing, too! English Trifle takes place in a castle in England as Sadie and her daughter visit Breanna's fiance, Liam, over the Christmas break. While taking a "turn about the room" on the last day of their visit, Sadie & Breanna make a gruesome discovery- a man, run through with a fireplace poker & pinned to the wall behind a curtain. When the body disappears and the people of the house start doubting Sadie & Breanna, Sadie's determined to prove they aren't making up what they saw. What follows is an adventure where everyone has something to hide and Sadie is determined to uncover the truth. English Trifle is a fast-moving, thoroughly delicious mystery and just like any good dessert, you'll savor every bite!

Sheila reviewed Michele Paige Holmes' All the Stars in Heaven a few posts ago (go check it out), however, I wanted to add my thoughts to hers. Michele has a powerful way of making the reader invested in the story she writes, caring about and rooting for the "good guys" as well as evoking strong feelings toward the "bad guys." She can even help the reader feel a certain amount of sympathy for the "bad guy" without lessening the incorrectness of the choices he made. All the Stars in Heaven is ultimately a romance, with some good mystery-suspense as well. It's a moving story of growth & change, contrasts and unexpected commonalities, courage and forgiveness. Michele is currently working on her third book in the Stars series called My Lucky Stars. Michele calls it a romantic comedy. She told us a little about the premise of My Lucky Stars during the podcast and it sounds like a lot of fun!

Thanks again, Josi & Michele, for taking the time to come visit with us and for entertaining us with your wonderful stories!

On one final note, for all of the DOROTHY KEDDINGTON fans out there, Dorothy let me know that her new manuscript,
The Fairy Thorn, has been accepted and is scheduled for an October release through Granite Publishing. All of you who have been leaving comments and waiting and wondering- the wait is over!! There is even talk of re-releasing her older novels as well! As soon as I know more I will post updates on the blog, so check back often. Congratulations, Dorothy!

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