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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Murder By the Book

Hello my dear Wednesday readers!

Today, we learn about Betsy Brannon Green's newest, "Murder by the book". I have to do this review via my memory because I had to return the book to the library. Darn library.

Anyway- This book like most, maybe all (have to ponder that one) takes place in the South. Though not in Haggerty like her other books, it's next to Haggerty, so there are some familiar faces in this book. You may remember Mark and Kate (from Hearts in Hiding plus the Haggarty series) and of course the reputable Miss Eugeniam who of course had to stick her nose in this one as well.

The premise is that the local self-created librarian, Kennedy Killingsworth, smells fowl play when a first time patron suddenly comes up dead. The police immediately suspect suicide, but Kennedy refuses to accept that as the answer when things just don't add up.

I liked the way this was written with very likeable characters, in particular Kennedy, her family and her love interest, whom I shall leave blank to keep it surprise. Anyway, Kennedy, who I was so proud of myself when I realized she, her sisters Madison and Reagan were named after US presidents. Betsy tells you about half way through the book, so I was a bit bummed, 'cause I thought I was smart. That's okay though. At any rate, Kennedy is adorable. She has the beauty that you want for your main character, but none of those annoying "everyone is in love with me" attitudes you see in some books these days. The irony is that she has four or so love interests, and they each adore her. Maybe it's the self depricating, or something, but I didn't feel like she was so beautiful that the world could not function without her. Very likeable. I love how she put up with and delt with her ex-husband, who was both entertaining and annoying.

The remaining characters were also well written. Betsy has a gift for making you feel like you know these people. Even if she hadn't written about some of them already, you still feel abit attached. It would be important to note that there are a lot of characters is the book, but I never had to flip back in the book to remember who was who. Betsy keeps them active in the storyline and because of that, you don't suspect the murderer until it is too late.

The story line was smart and fun and creative. I could totally see something like this happening in both a small town and a big city.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to read! Well done Betsy!

until next week!

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