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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love Your Body by Brooke Parker, R.D. - Book Review

Title- Love Your Body: A Diet-Free Approach to Balanced Eating

Author- Brooke Parker, R.D.

Published Date- 2009

Published By- Walnut Springs Press

ISBN#- 978- 1-935217-37-4

If the message of this book could be summarized in one word, it would be awareness.

Awareness is empowering, and so are the lessons and messages found in Love Your Body. Brooke takes a deeper look at why women struggle so much with loving themselves and their bodies. She uses her experiences with counseling young women about their body image to help her readers understand how Satan is using sneaky tactics to trick them into worrying about and focusing on how the world views their body.

Using quotes from apostles and prophets as well as the Scriptures, Brooke encourages women to see themselves as Heavenly Father sees them.

The opening line in "Section 3: Your Body is a Gift," brought about a big A-HA moment for me: "One of Satan's most powerful methods for taking the influences of the Holy Ghost away from a woman is to create self-hate." Brooke goes on to say, "He puts his foot in the door by convincing us that we need to become physically perfect according to the world's standards."

Most women know what it means to be "physically perfect according to the world's standards." But have we ever really thought about what it means to be as close to physically "perfect" on the earth as we can be according to Heavenly Father's standards? Nobody knows our weaknesses better than our Father in Heaven, and I believe He gives us a lot of credit for doing our best. If doing our best pleases our Heavenly Father, shouldn't it please us as well?

Brooke gives some good tips as far as dealing with food, reminding her readers throughout that "deprivation doesn't work." I think her strength, though, is in how she teaches women to talk to themselves. We would never allow someone else to talk to a spouse, sibling, child or other loved one the way a lot of us talk to ourselves.

In Chapter 12, there are a few body image tests I decided to take and actually wrote my answers in the book (I usually don't do more than underline a thought here and there). The answers were very telling: I learned that I don't really care what others think about how I look, but I'm actually very hard on myself and have unreachable (at this point) expectations. Going forward, I can set attainable goals instead of setting myself up for failure, and I can celebrate my smaller accomplishments more often which will encourage me to continue making better choices for myself.

I will be reading sections of Love Your Body with my preteen daughter who has recently started showing signs of concern about her body image.

When I ask my daughters if they think they are beautiful, my 8-year-old answers "Yes!" quickly and with confidence. My 12-year-old answers "Yes," as well, though not nearly as quickly and with the tiniest amount of doubt in her voice. If I can help them avoid feeling about and talking to themselves they way I have to myself over the years, this book will be worth it's weight in rubies.

I recommend Love Your Body as a good starting point for everyone, and encourage girls & women of almost any age to read it. Please seek further help if you find yourself unable to stop certain behaviors or need help dealing with any kind of eating disorder.

Heavenly Father knows we are beautiful, and He loves us so much! Let's resolve to free ourselves from Satan's grasp and learn to accept, love and see ourselves as our Father in Heaven does.

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  1. I agree with you, being aware is a fundamental foundation. We have to be aware of what we eat. We have to be aware of our body signals telling us when to stop (or start). And we have to be aware that our body is a gift, and we should love it!