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Friday, January 14, 2011

Bro. Jo's Guide to Relationships for Single Young Adults

Walnut Springs Press has two books that anyone who is dating, and between the ages of 16- 30, will enjoy these books. After reading the book specifically for LDS Young Single Adults, I wished that I had read this book 18 years ago. I know that I will be reading up on it again if/when I start dating again. (Not that I am still a "Young" Single Adult, but there are still some great dating ideas for older people.

Speaking of dating, Bro. Jo also has a book for teenagers and how to casual date. This book is for the 16-19 crowd. Everyone with a teenager NEEDS this book! I know that my own children will be reading these books a lot! I have "talked" to Bro. Jo and he said he is working on a book about why 11-15 year olds should not date. I can't wait until that book is published.

So go ahead and check out these two great books by Bro. Jo.

Bro. Jo takes the guesswork out of relationships!

Most of us want to get sealed for time and all eternity someday, somehow, to someone. You may not be anywhere near ready, you may think you're ready but you're
not, you may be close, or you may have already arrived and are wondering, "Well, now what?" Wherever you're at, this book is here to help!

Finally, a gospel-centered book that's as frank as it is funny, from Dave Johnston, the writer of DearBroJo.blogspot.com. It's the fastest-growing advice blog for LDS teens and young single adults.

Here's what readers say about Bro Jo's advice:

"It just seems like Bro Jo knows stuff"

"Where was this guy when I was younger?"

"Hilarious! It would be even funnier if it weren't so gosh darn true."

"I really like your advice site and that you are brutally honest, down-to-earth, realistic, but spiritual too."

"What you just did ... hit me like a rock in the face. Thank you."

"I love what you do!"

Bro Jo helps make dating fun!

So how do you "casual group date," and what you the guidelines you show follow? With "Bro Jo's Dating Rules for Teens (and their parents)," and with tip on planning fun and appropriate dates, you're all set!

Bro Jo gives helpful advice about lots of things, including:

How to get the attention of that guy or girl

Asking someone on a date

Getting someone to ask you on a date

Why the guy should plan, pick up, and pay

Kissing, hugging, and holding hands

Why we casual group date in the first place

You'll also find affordable date ideas, advice on how to keep the conversation going, and much more!

Brother Dave Johnston has been married since 1991; he and "Sister Jo" have seven children (four boys, a girl, a boy, and a girl). A Business Owner, Author, Speaker, and Teacher, Bro Jo has taught Youth Sunday School, Seminary and Institute for nearly two decades (which is impressive, 'cause he's not THAT old!) "Dear Bro Jo" now has over 10,000 readers from around the world!

You can reach Bro. Jo at his blog and check out the great things he has there. This is one website that you do want your teenager to go to.

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