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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Limit - Kristen Landon

"The Limit"

Kristen Landon

Publisher - Aladdin

Published - September 2010

Hardcover - 291 pages

FTC FYI- borrowed from library

ISBN - 9781442402713

"The Limit" page 1-- An eighth grade girl was taken today.
Whispers and text messages flew through Grover Middle School. They slipped handcuffs on her and shoved her into the back of a van. They shot her with a tranquilizer dart in the middle of the lunchroom. She escaped and she's hiding in the library-right now-texting her friends.
The girl went to Lakeview Middle School. My cousin goes to Lakeview. He said they called her out of first period and she never came back. An eighth grader! Nobody could believe it. Up until now they'd only taken high school students.
Up until now we thought we were off-limits."

Imagine a society where the government decides how much money your family can spend. And when you go over your limit, you are faced with consequences you might not be ready for. That is what happens to Matt and his family. Matthew Dunston's family spent money without any care in the world. Or, without thinking of what could happen if they went over the limit. One day, all that changes. The limit is reached and Matt is taken to the FDRA (Federal Debt Rehabilitation Agency). Sharlene Smoot comes to pick him up. She is a pretty lady, with a voice like honey. Matt, in his mind, calls her "Honey Lady". (She reminds me of the "mean lady" in the book "The Girl Who Could Fly", very nice on the surface, but look out if you cross her.) Sharlene explains to him why he is there and what has to happen for him to get to leave. Right away, he is tested and put on the floor that needs his abilities the most. Matt is smart, especially when it comes to numbers. He uses his smarts as a weapon and also to his advantage. Later on something happens that test his patience, not only with the system, but with his own family. The FDRA has a secret, and Matt is determined to find out what it is.

What I enjoyed the most was the bit of humor within such a series subject. The thought of kids being taken away to work off their families debt, even with our current society really doesn't seem too out there. Still scary though. However, Matt is a funny guy. Easy to like. I loved his pet name for people. Like: Honey Lady, Crab Woman, Gorilla Man... Clever. I really enjoyed the ending. It didn't end with all the debt magically going away, I liked that responsibility needed to be taken.

I enjoyed this book and give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5. I have not read her other book, but it's on my list!

Kristen Landon's "Life in the Pit" is YA. You can buy both books here.

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