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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Magic Thief (#3) Found - Sarah Prineas

"The Magic Thief - Found"

Sarah Prineas


Published: June 2010

Hardcover: 357 pages

ISBN 978-0-06-137593-4

FTC FYI - borrowed from the library

Sorry, but I'm doing it again. I'm reviewing yet another series book. And, again, it's not the first of the series. But, I won't apologize for the books because they are great.
I found the first book of "The Magic Thief" series sitting in the new arrivals section of my dearly beloved library when it first came out. I was drawn by the cover, title, and the word magic. Long story short, I enjoyed the first and the second, which is called "Lost", but I think "Found" is the best of the series.
To sum up the gist of the stories... Conn is a thief who lives on the streets of Twilight. He has to pick pockets to survive, but that has also made him strong and smart. One night he picks Nevery's pocket, and it turns out, Nevery is a wizard. He takes Conn in, reluctantly at first, but he and his "housekeeper" Benet, start to love the boy. Conn meets many in the city, good and bad and has a problem with the Underlord. Who also has a problem with him. Conn finds out, he's a wizard too, and every wizard needs a locus magicalicus to do magic properly. What Conn's is and how he finds it, and what happens next, I'll let you read that. But, it's an adventure.
In "Lost" there's trouble in another city and it's up to Conn to help. He gets fixed up in the city's magic and what's happening to it (that is explained in the first as well). Conn is misunderstood by many, and many are mean to him. The "lost" part of book is what takes the story on a great turn of events.
"Found"... well, I can't say what was lost or found. But, it's no secret that the magic in Wellmet is in trouble and something terrible is coming. Conn needs to find what was lost so he can help. Along the way he finds dragons, which could hold the key to fixing the long-time problem with the cities magic and what it really is.
Great story for kids, or anyone who wants a clever, fun, quick read. I would recommend these books and I would read more from this author.

3 stars for books 1 & 2. 4 stars for book 3

Enjoy! Until next week...

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