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Friday, June 12, 2009

Episode 31 Now Available!

Wow! Amazing! Can you believe it?!? I know, it's taken long enough :). Click here to listen. I'll confess right now that I'm getting my hiney kicked by two little kids who are now two years old and five months old, and sometimes by the two older ones, too! While my hubby was out of town last week, I cried no less than three, maybe four.... okay, possibly five.... times, and I'm tough to bring to tears. It's a refiner's fire for me, for sure! I'm going to learn patience whether I like it or not, lol!!

This past week the two little ones decided to try napping at the same time and I was able to blaze through some editing. Next on the list is a podcast Sheila recorded with author Rebecca Talley, followed by our Whitney Award interviews and our podcast with Tristi Pinkston. We've got some great stuff coming your way so hang in there. Oh, and thanks for your patience!

As always-
Happy Reading!

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