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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Walk Two Moons -Sharon Creech

Walk Two Moons

Written By: Sharon Creech

Published: Harper Collins Children's Books

Published in: 1994

Won a Newbery Award

Hardcover - 280

ISBN: 0-06-023334-6

First of all, I have to thank Kelli again for this one. She told me about this book awhile ago, and it sat on my to-read shelf for a couple weeks while I was reading more 39 clues. It was coming due, so I started it on a Tuesday, and finished Wednesday. I loved it. It was such a great story. Actually, it's a story within a story. Sal, is the main character. Her full name is Salamanca Tree Hiddle. She and her father just moved to Ohio from Kentucky. Sal isn't happy about it. She misses everything about Kentucky. She misses the farm she loved, the trees, animals, her swing, everything. However, her dad had to get away. From what I won't say because it would too much away.
In Ohio, she meets Phoebe. She's a strange girl, whose home life seems a bit too perfect. But, something happens in her house that takes perfect off the table. Sal's dad is close to their neighbor Mrs. Cadaver, and she isn't thrilled about it. She is the one who helps her dad get a new job, and helps them find a place to stay in Euclid. But, Mrs. Cadaver's story is revealed at the end, and it made me cry. A stranger comes to the neighborhood, and sets Sal and Phoebe investigating.
But, that's the story in the story. Sal is taken on a road trip with Gramps and Gran. They want to take her on the same trip that her mom made a year or so earlier. Sal's mom is Sugar. The heart of story is about her, and why she left. The purpose of the road trip is to see her.
I really enjoyed this book. There wasn't anything I didn't like. Phoebe wasn't my favorite, but I see why she acted the way she did. I liked Ben a lot too. Gramps and Gran are funny, sweet, and seem like they would be fun to hang out with. The last few chapters had me crying. I honestly didn't want the story and the story within the story to end.
Thank you Kelli for a great recommendation!

4 1/2 stars

I recommend it and would read it again.

I would read more from this author. Going to check out Bloomability next.

FTC FYI- borrowed from library.

(P.S.) It's great to be back! Wasn't the Countdown to Summer Awesome?!

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