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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Podcasting with Tristi Pinkston

This past Saturday, Sheila & I had the privilege of interviewing author Tristi Pinkston on the LDSWBR podcast. She is such a sweet lady and a lot of fun to interview. Tristi brought along a copy of her most recent novel, Agent in Old Lace, so we could take a peek. She'd received the first copies of her book only days earlier, and was headed for her launch party right after the podcast. During the interview I managed to read a few pages and I can't wait until it's on book shelves so I can get my own copy! Let's just say Tristi knows how to hook the reader right from the start. Tristi also told Sheila & I a little about her first three novels. They sounded so good I bought the copies she brought with her on the spot. I'm excited to join the ranks of those who have read and enjoyed Tristi's books.

Tristi is in charge of the Story Makers Conference next year and she discussed with us some of what they have planned. There will be a few changes and improvements in anticipation for even more attendees than years past. I'm not an author, but even I want to go after hearing how much fun Sheila had at the Conference this year.

Watch for the release of Episode 34 to listen to the full interview. Thanks again, Tristi!

P.S. Visit Tristi's blog: tristipinkston.blogspot.com and check this out while you're at it!

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